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Accepting Credit Card payments should be easy and inexpensive. It should also be simple, reliable and painless.

We can make that happen. 

Real Merchant Solutions is different: We can help you save on Merchant Services, take pride in being Merchant Advocates, and don’t just focus on Merchant Processing. 

Because we are not processors ourselves, we can act as your agent, and call on several of the largest and most respected processing companies in the country to review your needs. If you give us a chance, we’ll ask them to analyze your existing processing statements, show you where and how you can save, and then ask ask them to bid and compete for your business.

Doesn’t that approach make sense to you?

If your business is new, we can save you the misery of costly mistakes like long term contracts, Early Termination Fees or leased equipment. We can even show you how to save yourself money every day with a list of easy best practices.

But as Merchant Advocates, credit card processing is only one of our services. We can advise on the right POS system for your restaurant or retail shop, set you up with a dazzling and inexpensive website solution, provide Best In Class Remote IT support, and even arrange for low cost, reliable offsite data storage.

Its your business. You built it, and you’re the one that should benefit from it. 

Our job is to help you do just that.

Complete this simple form, and we’ll be in touch with a quote, and information to help you learn how to save on Merchant Services.

 Save on Merchant Services

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