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  • With just the touch of a button, funds can be deposited to separate accounts for each professional in a salon, or professional office
  • One smart terminal is all that’s needed

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Some businesses such as hair or nail salons, medical practices or professional offices exist in a Multi Merchant processing environment. With the right terminal, processing for multiple accounts can be a breeze. With equipment designed for Multi Merchant Processing, its easy to add new merchants to the same equipment. Now there is never a reason to have multiple terminals or expensive, non-compliant mobile solutions. In a busy salon, one terminal can fill the needs of 20 stylists or more. In a legal, medical or accounting practice, there is never a reason to have individual terminals for each professional. By simply pressing the right keys and scrolling through to the correct professional , each one can have their own merchant account on the same terminal, each linked to seperate bank accounts.

Multi Merchant Processing is ideal for:

  • Law Practices
  • Accounting Practices
  • Medical Practices
  • Hair Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Any business with multiple professionals that have their own merchant accounts

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Russell Halley

Russell Halley

National Sales Manager at Real Merchant Solutions, LLC
Russell Halley is Real Merchant Solution's National Sales Manager. He takes great satisfaction from working with businesses owners and other Merchant Advocates, implementing just the right processing and marketing solutions for individual clients.
Russell Halley

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