Understanding Interchange

It’s a jungle out there, and you’re the prey. Learn why asking “what’s the rate?” is the wrong question¬†and how to understand the card issuer’s rate matrix.

Square: Real Business Tool or New Age Toy?

All the cool kids love using Square with their smart phones, but with their high rates and minimal customer service, is it the solution you should be using?

The Payment Systems Corp. Fraud Machine

If you believe what they tell you, you’ll pay $15,000 or more for a terminal that costs $300, and that we’ll provide at no charge

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We were faced with paying for an expensive, bogus chargeback. Real Merchant Solutions was able to get the charge reversed within just 24 hours, and showed us how to prevent this in the future.

David Snead

Owner, Snead's Automotive

“I love the website. It is simply great! Thank you… ¬†This is so beautiful! Thank you so much again!!

Noteticuliously Norah Wilson!”

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